Double Sided Self Adhesive Reusable Gel Strip Transparent – 3 Meter

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Double Sided Self Adhesive Reusable Gel Strip Transparent – 3 Meter

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  • Non-toxic, environment-friendly, recyclable. No nails, no drilling, leaving no marks on walls, and that makes the nano tape a hit in many households.
  • The removable double-sided tape is very easy to remove and will not damage your walls or surfaces and leave no residue.
  • Use it to fix or paste items such as picture wall,car phone holder,wall sticker, hook, sticky pads, phone cases and paste items etc.The sticky transparent tape can also be used in office,home, bathroom and so on. Bring great convenience to your life!
  • Stand the tape upright when using as it’s sticky on both sides. Snip it into desired length. Make sure the contact surface is clean and dry. Give the tape a good press before peeling the outer film off. For large but not heavy items, apply with a generous amount of tape evenly. A little twist will help you remove the items from the tape.
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Quite often when doing wall display we realize that running the surface with drill and nails might not be the best idea. Holes drilled on the wall can not be undone or adjusted if you plan on repositioning the frame. You might wind up hurting yourself or even receive a noise complaint from your neighbor. Therefore for those who’d like to give their dwelling a touch of aesthetic, the new SellnShip Double Sided Nano Tape comes in handy as a preferred replacement. Decorating can be a peaceful, safe experience where new ideas are allowed. The Tape is thicker than most at 2 mm. Made of high quality PU gel, SellnShip double sided nano tape has strong adhesion that can hold things up to 1 kg. It truly is a tough grip tape for home.The new technology enables the tape to be reused after washing. Please air dry or blow-dry after washing the tape. The viscosity will come back when it’s dry again. Do not use rug or tissue to wipe the water off the tape. One amazing perk of this transparent tape is that it leaves no residue to the surface. Unlike drilling or tapping, double sided tape allows you to change the position of hangings whenever you want to without damaging your wall. Obviously you can apply this adhesive tape on many places, indoor and outdoor. It helps to keep things in place in your car, office, kitchen, bathroom, etc. It’s always good to see our living environment become organized and functioning. Now if you want to decorate the house for the coming holiday, you would have a bit more space to fulfill your idea with the help of a roll of double sided tape.


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